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Fibroids and Hysterectomy – Normal?

As a Medicinal Prevention Physician, I must share that many clients are telling me that they are being told fibroids are normal and typical. I have likewise met many who have had complete hysterectomy procedures in their thirties and younger. This is not normal ladies! God created a woman’s uterus to function and last forever and to remain within her vessel. In addition, these issues are disrupting sexual pleasure as many women lose sensation, lubrication, and emotional sexual connectivities.

I am age 46 and I have never had ANY female issue of any sort; nor do I take any medications. Why… “because the first patient I healed was myself…” 

Please note many of the doctors that tell you that these issues are normal likewise suffer from many of these conditions and more. I am the proof of my work, years have passed since this video and divorce came, concentration came, and healthy weight loss came!


How you ask?  

I healed myself, that’s how…. 

Shop - Tea with a Northern Duchess

Tea with a Northern Duchess Menu


Tea with a Northern Duchess Menu
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Vicksburg MS 39180
601 642 5877

Juice Fresh Pressed
Seasonal potatoes with tomatoes, onions, garlic, peppers side avocado with cherry tomatoes and onions
Ackee Power Pot
Ackee served with a variety of protein based foods, pan steamed dumplings, and rice and peas
Hopping John Bean Bowl
Warm and hearty bowl of freshly blended bean, curry, turmeric, vegetables, and herbal ingredients
Veggie Burger
Sundry tomato, mushroom, chick peas with lettuce and tomatoes
Forever Greens Mixup with Veggie Burger
Mixed green, red cabbage, shaved carrots with orange carrot vinaigrette
Kale the Queen with Veggie Burger
Kale salad, raisins, walnut, avocado with a sweet shallot vinaigrette
Sweet Plantains
Cabbage Coleslaw
Corn Medley

Herbal Sugar Free Medicinal Tea Blend Seasonal 🌿 Tea heals
#TeaMi relax
#HighTea mental stress
#TeaM2much physical stress

High Five Glass Carbonated Line
Strawberry 🍓
Citrus 🍊
Lime 🍋

Daniel Faster Instructors
Daniel Faster Dinner Tip and Tea
Daniel Fasting 101 – 103 Seminars

Advanced Daniel Fasters
Warrior Faster OMAD
Judah Faster 7-11
The Royal Fast 11-7


Internship Flyer 2018


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WE ARE OPENING October 31 10:00 AM…

Tea with a Northern Duchess
620 Crawford Street
Downtown Historic Vicksburg MS
Medicinal Healing and Education – Order Online
Teahouses have been categorized as relaxation spaces for climatic adjustments. Music, tea, relaxation, verbal communication, and entertainment energy has been a tremendous treasure and healing mechanism since ancient times. Tea houses act as vivid epitomes of relaxation and healing cultures. Chinese utilize Tea Houses to help fulfill people’s leisure lives. Besides providing a place for drinking tea, teahouses constantly launch new varieties in order to meet different needs of various people. In winter, tonics with the effectiveness of keeping bodies warm are added into the tea. In summer, something with the effectiveness of driving away summer heat is added in the tea. Besides, in summer, some cold drinks are also sold in teahouses, such as fresh pressed juices, kombucha, herbal infused water and seasonal juices. As for our tea they are custom-made, SUGAR FREE, and varying from different kinds of tea, revealing rich and long-standing culture, teaching, and university…our healing equation: “don’t try to save someone more than they are willing to save themselves….”

Shop - Tea with a Northern Duchess

Sold Out N 48 hours #lovedbyakingtea

The Northern Crown – Loved by a King – received a timely order from a natural food market requesting our entire seasonal line – which was our entire stock. #seasonal #handharvestedherbals
#crueltyfree #organic #vegan

The Northern Crown – Loved by a King Collection
Candy Reign – Female Regulation Ether -Disease Regulation Wishing Well – Alkalization Tea –
Thanks Break – Last Min Herbal Run – Prayer Tea Time Relaxation –
Love N a Jar – Relaxation Herbal or Medicinal -Mississippi Magnolia Tea – Seasonal Illness Tea
We are the Johnnie Walker of Hand Blended Tea
Healthy Skin Line – Real Love (Teen Tea) – Shining in the SON (Young Adult) Wave Goodbye (Mature and up Adult)
Water Rain – Breaking the Fast Tea – Love is such a Beautiful Thing – Lovers Tea




Health Ministry Cohort 1

Health Ministry Training Cohort 1

The Nazarene Medicinal Institute are Community Health Advocate Health Screeners. Partnered with The University of Mississippi Medical Center we provide detection of high blood pressure (hypertension), high blood sugar (diabetes), and how to identify community resources for health care. The Nazarene Medicinal Institute are also able to share basic dietary and weight control information necessary to make healthy choices.

Screen Shot 2018-07-19 at 8.05.07 PM

Why we need Health Ministers:

Data suggests Health Ministry has an effective strategy to address obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and early disease detection coupled with education and referral to local health resources.

Teach Others to Live Plant Based, Alkalized, and Balanced Lifestyles

Health Minister Training prepares you to bring the message of hope and self-healing to your community. You will learn to live a healthier, longer and vibrant life. In addition to help others learn how to begin taking control of their lifestyle and eating habits as well.

More than 10,000 Health Ministers just like you will soon be are spreading the message of plant based, balanced lifestyles in every state within the United States and in over 50 countries around the world:

  1. They have knowledge, and insights to achieve optimal health.
  2. They maintain healthy living and nurture the body’s natural self-healing power.
  3. They hold classes in their churches, conduct food prep classes, become personal health coaches or consultants, and even start an online business or juice – meal delivery service.

What Do You Learn?

The first half of the program focuses on how to optimize living foods, herbal tea, self care and discipline to remove toxic relationships, habits, and foods from your life.

  • How toxicity and nutrient deficiency cause sickness
  • How living nutrients restore and maintain optimal health at the cellular level —including the importance of physical activity and juicing
  • How to address the risk or existence disease and illness
  • Food preparation — how to eat to live well

The second half of the program focuses on how to apply what you have learned to help others. This can be done informally or formally within our tea house – Tea with a Northern Duchess. Learn how to tap into the business potential of promoting health awareness within church, school, campus, or within the work force.

Topics include:

  • Helping others to eat well and live a healthy, vibrant life
  • Educating people on the importance of real nutrition
  • Teaching the self-healing message of plant based health
  • Providing the knowledge of how to alkaline and hydrate the cells daily
  • Developing taste buds for living foods and sugar free herbal tea

Become a Health Minister

Spend six weeks training within the Nazarene Medicinal Institute and Health Store. Becoming Certified Health Ministers and Health Consultants will assist the quality of life you and those within your community practice.
Emerge from training a different person than when you begin.

2017 Northern Cohort

“I would recommend this training because it is powerful information that would equip anyone who is interested in sharing the good news of health.” I am the health minister at my church and will be teaching health ministry for the the youth this fall.”
– Karen D.

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The Duchess Tea Topics

Pancakes for breakfast …. anyone anyone

“Sebi was a brilliantly beautiful man, who wanted to help humans live full, healthy lives. We will continue to push his lifelong work forward. Dr. Sebi lives on…”