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Hydration and Alkalinity Plan

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Chastity Chyld Tea House

Tea with a Northern Duchess alternative practitioners provide clients with a form of hydration therapy where water is infused with a variety of herbs and seeped and taken as a tea. In most cases the immune function strengthens and supports healthy cells in the body through improved digestion and nourished and hydrated cells. Ideally, this approach begins with an alkaline diet and nutrition plan. Our tea house snacks taste awesome and are also kid friendly and primarily plant-based. We avoid ALL sugar, dairy, wheat, and other high-gluten grains. We will utilize fruits, while emphasizing fresh vegetables and vegetable juices along with cruciferous vegetables and greens. The body’s intracellular pH will come close to the ideal blood pH of 7.3/7.41 and you will have begun a simplistic, rewarding health journey!

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We support your journey with regular communication(s) and we will be touring with our samples and testimonials from satisfied clients and our personal results and testimonies. The Northern Duchess Tea Line 2018 is currently in packaging and we are well on our way. Join us and stay tuned!

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